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Tools That I Cannot Live Without

A growing list of things that I can't seem to do my job without.

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NEC IP Phone Scripting Tool

Command line scripting for quicker configuration changes on NEC DT700, DT800, and DT900 series phones. 

Still more testing to go before release.

Consult your system documentation for further information on setting up endpoints, and be VERY careful in production environments.

Use at your own risk.

--manual-timer Set retry interval for any devices that are busy or error out during configuration (accepts 1-999 seconds, default = 30 seconds)
  manual-timer 30
--noretry Disables default retry on failed set or busy conditions
max-retry Sets the number of maximum retry attempts (0-9, default 3)
  --max-retry 5
--factory-values Sets endpoint(s) to factory default values
--verbose Verbose information
--debug  More information than verbose
--hosts  Accepts a comma separated list of IP addresses for endpoint(s)
  --hosts xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
  --hosts xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
--host-range Accepts a hypehated start and end address to use (only increments the last octet at this time)
  --host-range xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
--ipan-csv and --ipan-filter Use IPAN from SV9500 or SV8500 (requires --ipan-filter)
  --ipan-csv xxxxxxxxx.csv --ipan-filter version=
  --ipan-csv xxxxxxxxx.csv --ipan-filter model=itl
  --ipan-csv xxxxxxxxx.csv --ipan-filter model=itl_12
  --ipan-csv xxxxxxxxx.csv --ipan-filter model=itz_14dg
  --ipan-csv xxxxxxxxx.csv --ipan-filter all
--upgrade Upgrades firmware of endpoints
admin-password Used if the ADMIN password is different than the default
  admin-password 8675309
new-password Changes ADMIN password to specified value
  new-password 8675309
set-dhcp Enable or disable DHCP on endpoint(s)
  set-dhcp true
  set-dhcp false
ip-address Set IP address
  ip-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
subnet-mask Set Subnet mask
  subnet-mask xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
default-gateway Set default gateway
  default-gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
dns-address Set DNS address
  dns-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
spare-backup-mode Sets the Spare/Backup IP mode of the endpoint(s)
  spare-backup-mode disable
  spare-backup-mode spare
  spare-backup-mode backup
sip-servers  Set SIP server 1 through 4 and port numbers
  sip-servers xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx
  sip-servers xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx,xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx,...
voice-recording  Enable or disable recording
   voice-recording automatic
  voice-recording disable
recording-mode  Set the recording mode
  recording-mode static
  recording-mode dynamic
recording-segments Set recording segments to be sent
  recording-segments all
  recording-segments talk
recording-server-1-address Set the 1st recording server IP
  recording-server-1-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
license-server Set the licernse server IP
  license-server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
gigabit-ethernet Enable or disable licensed gigabit ethernet
  gigabit-ethernet true
  gigabit-ethernet false
line-keys Set amount of licensed line keys
  line-keys 32
  line-keys 16
  line-keys 8
license-user-prefix  Set user prefix for license server
  license-user-prefix xxxxxxxx
auto-record-start Enable automatic start of recording
  auto-record-start enable
  auto-record-start disable
record-tone-level Set the record tone level between 0 and 48
  record-tone-level 42
recording-icon Show or hide the recording icon during a recorded call
  recording-icon enable
  recording-icon disable
encryption-icon  Show or hide the encryption icon during a call
  encryption-icon enable
  encryption-icon disable
encryption-otp Set the programmed One Time Password to enable encryption
  encryption-otp xxxxxxxx


Social Distance StoreQ

SMS and manual queue web app to manage entry to a facility, while keeping people apart. (pronounced stork).

Quick Start

1: Install NPM 	
2: Clone https://github.com/zombat/SD-StorQ
3: Install dependencies w/ the npm install command
4: Deploy a MongoDB Server or Atlas Cluster
5: Configure .env file based on example.env
6: Test
#node app.js
7: (HIGHLY RECCOMENDED): Generate cert and enable HTTPS
8: (HIGHLY RECCOMENDED):Set up a reverse-proxy
9: Create a Twilio account, add an application (set your webhook to HTTPS://WHATEVERYOURDNSNAMEIS/sms)
10: Add Twilio information to .env file 11: Set up PM2 to manage your server app
12: Register your users using the web app, and stop app.js
13: Set ENABLE_REGISTRATION to false in the .env file
14: Restart app.js


NEC SMDR Collector

Open source Node.js based SMDR collector for NEAX formatted SMDR that uploads data to MongoDB.

Updated for rule based notification.

Updated for SMDR Multiplexing on SV8300 and SV9300 systems

Clone or download Git repo.

Install Node.js 12.x

Install MongoDB 4.x or higher.

CD to SMDR directory.

Run npm install --save

Create .env file based on example.env (skip user and password for now)

Program PBX SMDR (parity off)


Edit initialSetup.js and add your site specific information

Edit .env file and add smdr mongo user and password

Secure MongoDB with initialSetup.js by passing it as an argument to the mongo shell


Optionally: configure and test notifications.


NEC DT7xx/DT8xx XML Appication Example

Proof of concept XML Application for NEC SIP desktop telephones

Heroku dyno application may take a moment to start.


Setup requires specific knowledge of NEC SIP IP phones.

This is only an example of some of the supported features.

Example usage:

Set Application URL to: http://stormy-reef-98713.herokuapp.com/directory

Set Directory URL to: http://stormy-reef-98713.herokuapp.com/directory