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Tools That I Cannot Live Without

A growing list of things that I can't seem to do my job without.

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NEC SMDR Collector

Open source Node.js based SMDR collector for NEAX formatted SMDR that uploads data to MongoDB.

Updated for rule based notification.

Updated for SMDR Multiplexing on SV8300 and SV9300 systems

Clone or download Git repo.

Install Node.js 12.x

Install MongoDB 4.x or higher.

CD to SMDR directory.

Run npm install --save

Create .env file based on example.env (skip user and password for now)

Program PBX SMDR (parity off)


Edit initialSetup.js and add your site specific information

Edit .env file and add smdr mongo user and password

Secure MongoDB with initialSetup.js by passing it as an argument to the mongo shell


Optionally: configure and test notifications.


NEC DT7xx/DT8xx XML Appication Example

Proof of concept XML Application for NEC SIP desktop telephones

Heroku dyno application may take a moment to start.


Setup requires specific knowledge of NEC SIP IP phones.

This is only an example of some of the supported features.

Example usage:

Set Application URL to: http://stormy-reef-98713.herokuapp.com/directory

Set Directory URL to: http://stormy-reef-98713.herokuapp.com/directory